The Power of your Words.

Gentle Words brings life and health but a deceitful tongue crushes the spirit.
Let’s take a moment and reflect on how we use our words. Do we bring life and health to the table or are we the kind to crush one’s spirit? Phrases like I’m not mean, I’m just honest or that guy is brutally honest. What do these even mean? Why should honesty be portrayed in such a manner most especially if a comment hasn’t been called for?

I remember at school; we had this trending type of trainers. They had a specific look to them and most had a Tommy’s label. Now I’ll be honest I thought they looked quite comfortable and cool, as most people had started wearing them at school. This invigorated me to get myself a pair during the holidays. The pair that I got though, didn’t have the Tommy’s label but I was very okay with this. So, the first Friday of school we had PE and so I got dressed up in my shirt, shorts and of course my new trainers.

Just before I left my room, my roommate said to me ‘ha-ha your Tommy’s are fake. Now was I mad at this; I don’t think so. I do not think I cared whether they were fake or not I just needed Trainers that were comfortable and quite cool. Later that day I had an Economics class with lots of other people who were in different class groups. While in my seat pondering the causes of inflation in the economy, I got a tap on my back and someone whispered Kim wants to say something to you. Now bear in mind, I had never talked to Kim before. “I really like your shoes,” Kim whispered. This was a bit funny because I had got two contradicting comments from two different people the same day about the same thing. I didn’t know who to believe but regardless I said thank you. Now after the Latter incident, I found myself smiling for the rest of the day.

With words, our thoughts become reality. Kim’s words had become reality for me. I felt my shoes were actually super cool. One thing I didn’t notice for sure was the fact that my roommate’s words were also a reality for me earlier that day. They might have crushed my spirit and hence the low mood. Whereas I thought I wasn’t mad, a negative comment did register in my brain unconsciously.

I therefore, encourage us to think before we speak and let us deeply think about the effects our words will have on another person! Gentle and kind words from us, could be the cause of healing for someone else. Most times we might think our words won’t make a difference, but one genuine positive word could have the power to destroy negative thoughts in another’s life.

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