God’s Law – A Boundary of Love

The Law can be defined as a system of rules which a particular community recognises while regulating the action of its members or as a rule defining correct procedure or behaviour.  Many times we see the law as a set of do or don’ts and we see it as having negative effects. This could be because we first encountered it as a tool used by those in power to oppress their subjects.

A British philosopher R. Wollheim pointed out that defining the law has become problematic because it is now seeking to achieve different purposes. This is the law in the society we live in. It is only seeking to protect those already in power. The sad reality is that we have our leaders giving a law and only abiding by it when it suits them but when they need to face it, they amend it in order to favour their interests hence oppressing their subjects.

A recent example is the president who influenced the making of his country’s constitution where he eliminated the presidential age limit. The president probably didn’t expect to serve that long but I guess the political power was too sweet for him and he was blinded. He signed a bill that eliminated the presidential age limit so that he could stay in power longer past the age that was stated originally. This is how problematic the human law is, seeking only to protect those in power.

Let us now reflect on a different kind of law. The greatest law that has ever been given, an everlasting law. This is the law of God – Psalms 19. The only law that has never been amended since it was given, the law which can be defined as boundary of love because it reflects the character of God as a God of love. This law was given for our own benefit. – 1 John 4:8. The law we receive when we say ‘yes’ to being part of God’s family because how can we expect to be part of God’s family without any rules governing us.  King Solomon rightly said that, the whole duty of man is to fear God and to keep His commandments – Ecclesiastes 12:13.

The Law of God has always had one function and that is to draw us to God, to lead us to the path of righteousness. Sometimes this law of God is referred to as the Decalogue or the 10 Commandments. This is the only law where the law giver is interested in a relationship with those receiving the law. When we first accept God, His priority is building a relationship with us otherwise we wouldn’t understand why He is setting this boundary for our protection. This was demonstrated when God first freed the Israelites from their bandage of slavery and then gave them the law. They were an honoured people with the truths of God so that the knowledge of God would be preserved. – Romans 3:2. In the same way, God frees us from the bondage of sin when we accept Jesus Christ as His son and as our saviour. He then writes the law on our hearts. – Hebrews 8:10

A healthy boundary is only set for protection and research has shown that children who have no boundaries are likely to be distressed, narcissist, insecure and unable to solve conflicts or stand up for themselves. There’s nothing beautiful about having no boundaries and we can conclude that God in His wisdom wants the best for us. – Jeremiah 29:11. In Psalm 19, the law is described as perfect, reviving the soul, good, sweeter than honey, more precious than gold, pure, right and a testimony of God. When we understand that the law given to us by God is a perfect law of liberty, we will want to respond with willing obedience in order to honour God with our trust. – James 1:25.

See below some of the verses that show how God’s law reflects His character.

God is eternal – Genesis 21:33 …………………..The Law is eternal – Psalm 111:7-8

God is unchangeable – Malachi 3:6 ……………..The Law is unchangeable – Matthew 5:18

God is Holy – Isaiah 5:16 ……………… The Law is Holy – Romans 7:12

God is love – 1 John 4:8 …………………The Law is love – Romans 13:10

Other verses for reflection – <Luke 18:19 & Romans 17:12, Deuteronomy 32:4 & Romans 7:12, Psalm 119:142,151 > lifehopeandtruth.com

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Joshua Kats

August 19, 2022

Thank you so much for this beautiful piece about God’s “uammendable” law



August 21, 2022

Thanks for your time!