The Battle of the Mind!!!

Each day that comes by, we interact with different people. All these people are from different backgrounds and therefore are expected to behave differently unless they’ve got a thing in common that influences their behaviour. People are broken and are still hurting within, but they keep up the masquerade and so all you see is the perfect outside. The masquerade doesn’t last long when they find themselves in certain situations.

Take an example of this young girl, Jay. Her mother loved her, and she knew that because her mother went an extra mile for her to make sure she’s comfortable.

Like all youngsters, Jay was sometimes naughty. Whereas mistakes happen, Jay was generally careless and so she didn’t put much effort in doing anything. One day she decided to make her breakfast, she went to the kitchen without informing her mother. She got out a glass bowl and placed it on the kitchen countertop and she climbed to get the cornflakes. As she was getting down, she missed the chair and in aiming for the kitchen countertop for support, she pushed the bowl off the countertop which fell and cracked into pieces. As she stepped down, she stepped onto the broken pieces and she screamed for help. Her mother came down the stairs busting with so much anger shouting phrases like “what have you done now?”, “why are you so careless?”, “you know you’re so naughty”, “you are always causing problems”, before Jay could say a thing. Her mother dressed her wounds and cleaned up all the glass.

Looking at that situation, you clearly do not know what caused Jay’s mum that much anger. Could it be that Jay is extremely naughty most times? That still doesn’t justify too much anger in that situation.

I think we’ve all come across people who would either come down swiftly but calmly saying “are you okay?” “what happened?” and another one screaming “next time be careful to avoid such problems”. Just think, which one are you? I have noticed no matter how much we hide our brokenness, it will be revealed in certain situations and therefore we need to heal but we also need to understand that people are broken, and so not to judge them based off certain actions.

Jay was left thinking, does mummy really love me? Her young mind was battling these thoughts because she was in so much pain, but all her mother could say were those harsh words. She needed comfort during that time to feel the mother’s love. We all meet people who love us but could do certain things not knowing they’ll hurt us, but we end up being so hurt and now it’s another battle of forgiveness. Does it ever end?

While reflecting on what has happened the previous year, 2020. I have learnt to look beyond what happens in a certain moment. Some people struggle with anger and they do not even know. They just find themselves being rude in certain situations but that doesn’t mean they do not love you. Of course, verbal and physical abuse is not part of this. That obviously needs extra attention.  I have also learnt that I have got a choice to reject negative thinking. It is hard, but it is possible.

You have got a choice to reject negative thinking!

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Claire Martha

January 20, 2021

An amazing and relatable piece!

Go girl♥️💪🏿



January 20, 2021

Thank you Claire!!! ❤