When we’re in pain, when we’re suffering, God knows!!!

The divine attribute of God being all-knowing is sometimes a scary thing for us humans. Knowing that God knows everything and He has access to our deeds, our good ones and our deepest and darkest ones too, we then often are scared and end up living in fear thinking what if we’re exposed or what if some of our shameful deeds are whispered to the people around us. How will they react? Will they even be willing to listen or to forgive us? But, is that how we understand the character of a loving God?

In Exodus 2:5, we read “God saw the people of Israel—and God knew.” Now you may be wondering, what did God know? We can find the answer in Exodus 3:7 “Then the Lord said, “I have surely seen the affliction of my people who are in Egypt and have heard their cry because of their taskmasters. I know their sufferings.” In the Luganda bible, the LBR translation, we read from (Exodus 2:5) Okuva 2:5 “Katonda n’alaba okubonaabona kw’abaana ba Isiraeri, n’abasaasira”. The word “n’abasaasira” can be translated as being moved with compassion. God was moved with compassion when He saw the condition the Israelites were in, in Egypt.

Clearly, we can see that the passage above is not about when we commit wrong but when we suffer wrong.  The children of Israel spent 430 years in Egypt where they were in bondage. They heard suffered so much. From being overworked to their children being murdered. They cried out to the Lord, God heard their groaning. He didn’t pass them by but He came to their rescue. We see that God’s being all-knowing was a sense of comfort to the Israelites.

In other words, God knowing everything about us and everything happening around us should be our sense of comfort and not dread. Actually, it is our sense of comfort if for sure, we understand that God is good, loving, merciful and just. Think to yourself, what would a good, loving, merciful and just God do with all the information we’re afraid of sharing, expose us? Absolutely not! Why would a good God do that? Unless He’s exposing a loving deed, a loving way of calling us back from eternal loss.

The struggle for most of us is because we have had bad experiences with the people, we thought were good, the people we thought loved us and so we end up visualising God with humanity lenses. But when we sit down and study the word of God, we will surely understand His character. Seeing how He dealt with the children of Israel, we will understand that what God knows is controlled by who He is. God is love, He is merciful, He is just and He is good!

This is an encouragement for us all, the past year has been rough, maybe you’ve heard a terrible week because of the uncertainties and what you’ve personally experienced but, I would like to assure you that God Knows! And because He knows we can be comforted even before we are delivered because we know that God is going to act. Our situations do not catch Him off-guard. A beautiful testimony we all know or have heard of, is God sending His son, Jesus Christ. God knew that man was lost in sin and couldn’t save himself using his own strength. And when God knew, He sent Jesus Christ who, leaving all the glory of Heaven, came down to earth and died a shameful death so that you and I may inherit eternity through accepting Him.

So then, how can such a loving God fail to provide for your finances, emotional support, family and how can He fail to guide you. As we reflect upon our struggles and our private deeds, let us listen to the word of God. God knows what we need before we even ask. I know it’s easy to be caught up in our worries but instead of worrying, let us whisper to ourselves that God knows and He will come through and deliver. When no one cares about you, God knows. When you’re hurting and you even lack words of expression, God knows. He hears our cries. Be comforted knowing God knows and He is going to act.

Be blessed .

I was so blessed after hearing most of the above words from a Sabbath devotional by Sabastien Braxton and I felt I must share this. I’ve tried to leave the message as He said it but I have added a few thoughts to it. Click here if you’d like to watch the 4 minute devotional.

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June 20, 2021

Thanks for this piece ❤️❤️…
God knows!!! is my lesson from this written piece.



June 20, 2021

Indeed He does☺
Thanks dearie ❤


Joshua Kats

October 2, 2021

Indeed “God knowing everything about us and everything happening around us should be our sense of comfort and not dread”.

And how I wish ever single person would know this! Our view of Who God is would actually change and many of those to whom God is a fierce tyrant waiting for them at the corner punish after they’ve done wrong, would actually realise how much “kusaasira” he has for us!!!