ABC Bible Character Faith Series

Your Value is Beyond Societal Status: Tamar’s story

Lessons from Tamar written by Nyasha

Based on Genesis 38.

The beautiful Tamar had lived a rough life. Her looks were ravishing and yet she stood for more than just beauty. She was intelligent but the culture had just reduced her to a husband’s keeper and child bearer.  Twice widowed she didn’t seem to be as valuable anymore. She sought her value in being married again to the youngest brother of her husband. The child, being too young to be married was promised to her by Judah (the father-in-law). The wait was long for Tamar. She wanted children and a husband.  Since she hadn’t given birth even society cast a demeaning eye on her. She eventually chose to seduce her father-in-law as a prostitute after his wife had passed on, and it worked. She became of child and gave birth to twins. The father-in-law was furious and wanted her to get killed for being pregnant out of wedlock. The infamous stoning of adulteresses was very common in those days it seems, and I am not sure why the adulterer didn’t have the same implications.  Like I said before, Tamar was intelligent and to stop the angry mob from stoning her, she supplied evidence of the tokens given to her by the father of her twins. The evidence pointed to non-other than Judah. Judah was responsible for Tamar’s pregnancy. So was he to be stoned as well? Her accusers were ashamed but the truth about the paternity of her children spared her life. She was acquitted and the twins are in the line of Jesus’ heritage. This is the tribe of Judah that Jesus is associated with. He comes from messed up people who made messed up decisions. What can we learn from this?


  • God can use you no matter how messed up your life is. You don’t have to clean yourself up before coming to Him.
  • Your value is beyond your marriage status or childbearing capability. Don’t let anyone convince you otherwise.
  • Be careful whom you have sex with. Be sure you’d be happy to have a family with them. Sex outside marriage can be life-threatening.
  • If you’ve had children outside marriage you are still loved by God and He can bring good out of your story if you trust Him.

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